About Me

About me

Hello! My name is Rachel. My husband, Tim, and I hail from the Midwest – me from southern Indiana and him from central Kentucky – but we found our home and our haven once we moved to western Washington.  We bought our own little quarter-acre of property in October 2015 and have now undertaken the exciting task of putting down roots. We live with our 100 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback/American Bull Dog mix, Roxie, in a small town on the Kitsap Peninsula, which is on the other side of Puget Sound from Seattle. I work in the field of human resources for a major employer in Seattle and two days a week, I take two ferries to get to the city. I work from home the rest of the time. Tim stays here on the peninsula where he works as a Real Estate Broker.

Me, in a nutshell:

  • I’m a writer.  I always have at least four novel premises and eight characters that live in my head full-time.  Needless to say, there’s a war going on for which story gets written.  Right now, I’m focusing on only one novel and it’s in the developmental stages.  I was a prolific fanfiction writer during the first part of the “Glee” TV show craze, but that has waned. I no longer watch enough TV to justify writing any form of fanfiction at all. I dream of writing my own romance novel but life keeps getting in my way.
  • I’m a reader.  I read whenever I can. I collect e-readers and have about six Kindles.  I mainly read historical nonfiction, historical fiction, contemporary romance, erotic romance, Jewish texts and studies of all kinds, and memoirs about people who gave everything up to go live on farms.  I like to blog about what I’m reading. My favorite author is probably Susan Elizabeth Phillips because she is fan-fricking-tastic, and my favorite books of all time include Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, and pretty much any romance novel that is full of angst and makes me cry buckets but ends with a happily ever after. The more angst the better!
  • I’m a liberal. I’m just about as far left-of-center one can go without ending up in a hippie commune. I believe in equality for all, acceptance for all, and love for all. I was raised by Republicans and was one myself until my early 20s when my eyes were opened to racial disparity and racism/discrimination. I have grown increasingly more liberal over the years and I will always fight for equality. America is not and was never supposed to be a Christian nation, and I’m horrified by the current political situation that exists in this country.
  • I’m nostalgic.  Truly, I am captivated by the 1940s, specifically the music, the clothes, the sense of coming together to win the war effort, and the can-do attitude.  I collect both antique radios and the episodes of old time radio shows that would have been heard on those radios. Old time radio shows are a constant companion to me. I’m not much for modern TV and movies, but OTR is never far away! I also adore big band music (mainly Tommy Dorsey) and Bing Crosby.
  • I have a chronic illness. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in early 2015, and I’ve been on a medical roller coaster since. My disease is currently not under control and meds aren’t working, so I struggle with constant pain and fatigue, as well as weight gain and other awful side effects from all the medicines I’m on.
  • I’m a woman who has struggled with her faith. Religion is constantly a topic of study and discussion for me.  After being  “saved” when I was five, I was raised in a teeny-tiny nondenominational Christian church where the pastor delivered his sermon in denim bib overalls because he had fields to plow after services. I became a United Methodist as a young adult, and  converted to Catholicism in 2007 because I married a cradle Catholic.  Together, we left the church in 2010 due to the priest abuse scandal and Catholicism’s obsession with abortion at the expense of every other aspect of Christian life. After years of jumping around from denomination to denomination and always feeling unhappy, uninspired, and…well…like a fraud, I took a step back and decided to analyze my true beliefs.  What I found in my heart led me to Judaism. I’m currently studying under a wonderful, gifted rabbi and will be converting through the Reform movement sometime in the next 12 months.
  • I’m a strong believer in the paranormal. I’ve done amateur ghost hunts in Indiana and Kentucky, and now that I live in Washington, I need to start up again.
  • I’m a dreamer.  I’m fascinated by homesteading and enamored with the idea of a more simple life.  I study herbalism and want to find as many ways as possible to utilize natural medicine in my daily life.

About where I live

Surrounded by Puget Sound on three sides, we live 17 miles west of Seattle, and just 15 miles east of Olympic Mountains and Olympic National Park.

The peninsula is gorgeous and quiet. After spending our first 15 months living south of Seattle in a busy, traffic-jammed suburb, we were eager to find some solace. Our little town has one main street with a single stop light in the middle of it, and six marinas dot the shoreline. With our proximity to Naval Base Kitsap, we’re very much a Navy town, as well.

Seagulls screeching overhead, the smell of saltwater assaulting my senses, spiky evergreen trees in every direction I look, and the looming, snow-capped mountains in the distance all combine to form a balm for my soul. Washington state is my home, and the peninsula is my haven.


The Carlisle II, one of the ferries I take on my journey into Seattle. Behind the ferry is part of the Navy installation at Bremerton, and the Olympic Mountains are in the distance.